Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I love my little girl. Molly is incredible. She is more than I imagined she could be. My life is forever changed for the better. Her laugh, her voice, her face, her smile, her ridiculously advanced vocabulary, her attitude, her imagination...She loves her toys, but would rather play with..well, NOT toys. She loves to eat, but fights it at meal time. She loves to watch movies, but once the movie she asks for starts playing, she wants to watch another one. She can run me in circles until I'm dizzy or frustrated, but then she offers a simple, sincere "I uv you daddy" and it's all better. We call her teeny, tiny, little, and occasionally I call her Sweater (name chosen by members of Bird beat other nicknames such as Plague Bringer).

Bowling for Molly's 2nd birthday. She loved it.

Christmas time. She loved it.

Jon and I wrote and recorded this song; the next morning I played it for Molly. She loved it.

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog.
    She is adoreable. She totally reminds me of you when she's listening to that song. I love Tiny.