Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Google Yourself

Have you ever Google'd yourself? If you say no, you're a liar. Come on, everybody has. It's funny to see what weird crap comes up. I found that I am a weird old guy with nothing important on my website, a basketball player at Stony Point High School (up for college recruitment), an Investment Manager in Rochester UK (and a large number of other positions on LinkedIn), and some Belgian gal. And, although it is rare to actually find yourself on page 1 of a Google search, I found my Flickr page. Not that impressive, but whatever.

Not that I am that interesting of a person; I don't need to be Google page 1, or even page 100. However, I happen to be one of those who does some things in my life that I DO want to see page 1 on Google. And with some hard work I have achieved this. For example, Google the simple term "Bird Eater" and the very first link I see is my Myspace page for Bird Eater. If you search "C-Style" the last link on page 1 is my Big Cartel store for C-Style. Search "Pilot This Plane Down" and the first 5 links on the page go to our store, our Last.fm profile, and a dead link not worth specification. Yay Chris, cool me, right? Not the point. The point is that Google is rad, and blows my mind.

Also good finds on page 1 for Day of Less and Harmony Homes Utah

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  1. Google Jason Gill and I'm the #1 and #6 spot. It took me a good long time to oust that jasongill.net guy, that bastard!