Sunday, February 27, 2011


One of my greatest thrills in life is playing music. The difficult part about it is that so much time goes into every aspect. For example, writing a song takes several hours of trial and error, followed by hours and hours of practice time to get it right. Finally, when enough songs are written and perfected, a performance is scheduled. Hours are spent on promoting online and taking fliers to every record store and coffee shop in town. Each band sits and waits for a turn only to play 25-35 min. Where is the value for me? That is the best 25-35 min I've had since the last time I played.

Recording is the exception. It takes even more time; in fact, it probably averages out to about 10 hours of effort per song as each instrument and vocal piece is recorded separately along with  the editing/mixing/mastering, not to mention the time spent adjusting the gear and tone that sound best recorded (there is no 'magic' formula). But the big difference in recording is significant; the final product will last forever. When I'm an old man and can hardly remember the performances that I pushed through, I will always be able to hit play and hear exactly what I have done. Recording is timeless, and even if the style is eventually outdated, it is a piece of me that will always live on. It is my art and my creation.

This one is Bird Eater.




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