Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Diabetic Life

My pancreas sucks. Most people have a fine pancreas. It does what it is meant to do, making digestive enzymes and what not…but unlike most people’s pancreas, MINE decided, 15 years ago, that it was done with one very crucial function: making insulin.
It’s a sad tale, 18 year old high school student loses a ridiculous amount of weight, most of his vision, and any degree of motivation or stamina to even walk. Then a doctor tells him, “you’ve got the diabeedis,” and sends him across the street to the ER, dragged only by his poor little mother, and thrown in a wheelchair at the entrance to be admitted mere minutes before comatose takes over. Luckily the boy wakes up. And when he does, he begins the short road to recovery and starts a new life as a regular dude with an affinity for needles, granted continued existence on a day to day basis, like a temporary worker who continues to work on the project as long as he completes all required tasks in a very timely manner.
It’s not all that dire really. Sad sad beginnings I suppose, but it did not take long to compromise with the disease and establish a middle ground where I do things somewhat my way and my body does things somewhat his way. The real challenge here is the continued effort of eating better, testing my blood more frequently, ensuring proper diabetes management. It’s no easy task, especially for one such as me who has let things slide over the years. But I am still in good health and have both of my feet and my vision is good (knock on wood). I am trying to find new ways to motivate myself to improve, even if only for my wife and kids’ sake.

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  1. Such a bummer disease- Type 1 especially... You have such a good attitude about it...Take care of yourself buddy.